Have been seeing these ads float around tram stops here all week. At first I thought it was for a shop called Brick Lane (they don’t have the “London for 399 KR” bit on the print adverts), and then I got closer! I think it’s a bit odd to market London by something so minute.. and well, it just kind of puts the final nail in the coffin for any pretension left to East London, really. Maybe it’s for the best. I think there’s some nice parts to Shoreditch on occasion (and we all know how I feel about W+K’s office there), but it’s time to get rid of the severe undercut and lose the trousers with the holes in for some quality threads. There’s a whole generation that’s grown up there, they’re starting families and have mortgages and real adult lives - and I really can’t wait to see some evolution happen to the neighborhood.